BlockDown conference returns this summer after successful release


Taking place among the most successful Blockchain conferences, 3D Virtual conference BlockDown was held with intense participation, BlockDown will hold its second conference on June 18-19 with a much larger participation.

The event, which will be held after the previous event, which hosted over 1000 exhibitors, over 50 speakers and many media organizations, will be broadcast live by and CryptoSlate and is the world’s most watched virtual blockchain conference with sites with 3.5 million views per month. it will be.

The event, which offers free tickets for the first 1 registration, has different ticket categories with additional advantages and possibilities.

The last event received the likes of Akon, Erik Voorhees, Roger Ver e Datahash, among the biggest names in the industry, and received 5 stars from them all.

Summer concept
BlockDown plans to close on June 19 with DJs and laser shows accompanied by the after party Diamond and Gold sponsors will have the opportunity to make their own presentations on the stage so that they can interact more closely with the participants.

Live drawing show was buried back. Participants will have the opportunity to see the artist’s drawings on the stage, combining the important points that the speaker touches with artistic talent.

In order to allow everyone to participate, the entire event will also be presented in 2D format. BlockDown, organized by Erhan Korhaliller, who is the founder and CEO of Ehan Digital, was organized to keep the Blockchain community together during the corona virus quarantine period of EAK Digital.

Regarding the issue, Erhan Korhaliler said:

“While continuing the industry’s leading virtual blockchain conference, we continue to think as innovative and push the limits as we can.”

“An event with valuable speakers is waiting for us, and important names in this field come together to solve problems in the blockchain sector with innovations such as ‘Mastermind’, which we have just added to the system.”

“We also open the world of 3D BlockDown free of charge to anyone who wants to experience this incredible atmosphere for the first time. To experience unforgettable moments from 3D exhibition space to virtual after party, all you have to do is register and join us with your virtual favorite outfit. ”

One of the major additions will be made to the New Blockdown Mastermind Panel. Mastermind crypto behalf solve the problems of the world live with visionaries to brainstorm and provide development opportunities, tailored to the name of consensus for the development of the industry.

BlockDown participants will be able to design their own avatars that represent themselves before the virtual conference. At the same time, keeping a data of stand visitors, which is very important for companies but not possible in a physical conference environment, becomes possible in virtual conferences.

The upcoming event of BlockDown will be held on June 18-19. To have more information and to register; You can get it from , BlockDown Telegram channel or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


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