Blockchain Technology Can Ensure Security In Weapons


In the report published by King’s Collage London, blockchain technology may be the safest data recording tool in the field of warhead disarmament. “The unique properties of the blockchain can provide a significant advantage in disarmament,” said Dr Burford, who led the team that led the research.

According to the report published by the King’s Collage London Science and Security Research Center (CSSS), blockchain technology can help neutralize nuclear weapons titles. It is thought that blockchain technology can be developed in line with the reliable and safe unloading of weapons that can be used in nuclear wars.

The published report outlines the features of blockchain technology and discusses its requirements for nuclear disarmament. Dr Lyndon Burford, CSSS research fellow who led the study, suggests that the unique properties of blockchain can be very advantageous in disarmament processes.

Trust mechanism deserves to be called

In the article published by King’s Collage London on its website, with the great effect of the principle of transparency of data, the blockchain creates a foundation even between parties that cannot establish a relationship of trust; He emphasized that he deserves to be called “trush machine”, which means the mechanism of trust.

In the article, it was stated that confirming that the cap of a nuclear weapon has become ineffective consists of data that requires great precision. In this process, the state and location of the warhead should be recorded by authorized inspectors, and the details and the status of other associated facilities should be recorded in on-site inspections. According to the team conducting the research; In this process, by using blockchain technology to maximize security, data transparency and ease of access can be achieved in each audit step. At the same time, the inability to alter the data is vital to such a sensitive location, according to the published report.

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