Blockchain solution to freelancers’ problems: FreelancerChain

FreelancerChain platform is a new generation freelance platform with Blockchain support where freelancers from all over the world can find jobs and get paid.

Its main purpose is to make the payment between freelance and customer with blockchain support reliable, fast and low commission through FCN token. The most important feature that distinguishes the FreelancerChain platform from other freelance platforms is that the shooting process is completed with only 3% commission in as little as 24 hours. In addition, quality-control and escrow services aim to solve existing problems in the freelance sector by acting as a bridge between the customer and the self-employed.

The sectors available on the FreelancerChain platform include information technology and software, translation, writing and content, sales and marketing, design and media, accounting, business and law. The platform has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for customers. Clients can list their jobs and freelancers can bid for them. In addition, customers can hire freelancers without listing any jobs.

One of the biggest problems of the platforms is that if you don’t have a premium membership, you can bid no more than 8 within 1 month. At the same time, the privileges granted to premium members cause an inequality in the platform. For example, the offers of premium members appear above the offers of regular members. There is no paid membership on the FreelancerChain platform and as a result, the problem of inequality between members disappears. Any member can bid as much as he wants.

In today’s freelance working platforms, it is necessary to wait about 15 days in your first withdrawals. Moreover, freelancers have to pay a 20% commission on the first withdrawal. Withdrawals generally take place 2 days a week, and if any problems are encountered, the transaction is postponed to the next week. Withdrawal on the FreelancerChain platform is done within 24 hours at the latest with the support of Blockchain. There is no extra commission payment problem in the first withdrawal process and the first withdrawal time, like the normal withdrawal period, takes 24 hours at the latest.

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Many of those who trade on freelance platforms do not trust the other party during the transaction. In the FreelancerChain platform, the problem of trust between freelancers and customers is eliminated with the escrow service. FCN tokens are kept in the FreelancerChain Escrow wallet during the transaction to ensure trust between the customer and the freelancer.

Most platforms require $ 200 to investigate a dispute between the customer and the freelancer. There is no charge for any dispute that occurs on the FreelancerChain platform. The FreelancerChain platform reviews messages, project details, and the project if it creates a customer or freelance review request. After the examinations are completed, both parties are informed and action is taken to solve the problem.

Freelance platforms provide the opportunity to trade at high rates. Commissions are around 20% on many platforms. There are different commissions for customers and freelancers depending on the type of membership. On the FreelancerChain platform, the client does not pay any commission. Only self-employed pay 3% commission. Since the concept of bank disappears with the support of blockchain, freelancers are not required to pay a transfer fee. For example, for a $ 100 project that takes place on the FreelancerChain platform, the client does not pay any fees, he gets $ 97 after the freelance job is delivered.

The FCN token is the official platform for the FreelancerChain platform. In every coin transfer, 0.5% of the transferred coin amount burns (burn). This allows total supply to decrease in every transfer made.

There is no payment other than the 3% commission for transactions made on the FreelancerChain platform. The burning of the token (burn) is also included in the 3% commission. Team tokens will remain locked until the first quarter of 2021. After that, it will continue to open 5% in 3 months. Tokens that are not sold in ICO will be burned on the date specified in the road map.



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