Blockchain: Dataprev Wants To Hire Ethereum Specialist


Blockchain: The Social Security Technology and Information Company (Dataprev) published, this Friday (06), a tender to hire technical support for Ethereum’s blockchain technology in version 1.9.2 or higher, to meet a “computing environment composed of up to 155 virtual machines”. The contract, which runs for two years, also includes 240 hours of technical guidance to be used on demand.

The bidding minutes are valid for 12 months and provide for the lowest price, but the autarchy is not obliged to contract any company. Among other things, the agency wants to get support in the compatibility and interoperability activities, as well as define and review the blockchain network architecture, based on the experience of the contractor.

The services must be performed by a professional specialized in the technology used by Ethereum, and may be provided either remotely or in person at one of Dataprev’s units in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Distrito Federal or Santa Catarina.

The contracted party must undertake to guarantee the confidentiality and inviolability of the information it may have access to, including those relating to accounting and personal details.

The agency’s database is the most complete profile of the Brazilian population, containing data such as age, place of birth, time of contribution to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), employment relationships and salaries in each company of millions of people .

Blockchain in public agencies

The blockchain is already used by several public bodies in Brazil, such as in the authentication of documents in notary offices. In 2020, the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) defined that technology should have “a transforming effect on society and public services”.

In 2019, the Internal Revenue Service established an ordinance that deals with the use of blockchain permission networks for consultation of records of individuals and legal entities by bodies and entities of the direct Public Administration, autarchies and foundations.


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