Stops Trading XRP

0 announced that the SEC will halt XRP trading on January 14, due to the lawsuit against Ripple and its two partners.

Following the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, with the spread of news from many exchanges, delist and transaction suspension announcements came. was the last exchange to join this trend. In the official statement made by the exchange, it was informed that XRP transactions will be suspended as of January 14. also announced that its customers will be able to access their XRPs after the suspension, however, despite this access, no purchases can be made on the exchange anymore.

Another lawsuit filed against Ripple

He reported that Ripple was sued by its investor Tetragon Financial Group Ltd on the evening of January 5th. It was stated that the reason for the lawsuit was the freezing of Ripple’s assets. Tetragon, demanding the freezing of its assets with an accelerated hearing so that Ripple cannot be in any financial flow until it pays, wants to use its right to recover their share investments in the contract.

Response to Ripple lawsuit

Ripple said in a statement that Tetragon had no basis in filing this lawsuit. He said that there is no decision that XRP is a security. He also expressed regret for Tetragon on the grounds that he was taking advantage of the crisis and uncertainty created by the SEC’s lawsuit.

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