Blockchain Can Be Used To Fight Covid-19


A South Korean doctor made statements regarding blockchain technology related to the Covid-19 crisis. Doctor Kim Mi-ri said that the use of blockchain to combat the crisis is now “inevitable”.

A new tribute to blockchain technology came from the healthcare industry this time around. Doctor Kim Mi-ri, who works as an ENT specialist in the Yongsan Region of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, explained that the health sector should get help from blockchain technology, especially during the pandemic process.

“With Blockchain, the margin of error should be reduced in the health sector”

A local news site in South Korea recently announced a disaster in the healthcare industry. The leading role of the case, in which approximately 60 people died, was the flu vaccine. According to the report, the dose of approximately 5 million flu vaccines that should be stored in the refrigerator was distributed across the country and carried at room temperature. Approximately 60 people died due to the impaired vaccines, and encouragement messages were sent by the government to the citizens who were worried about the vaccines.

ENT specialist Kim Mi-ri also mentioned the recent vaccination incident, along with his statements stating that blockchain should be used. Speaking to a website on the subject, doctor Kim continued as follows:

“It is inevitable that technology such as blockchain technology will now be used in healthcare. We need to use this technology to monitor the way medicines and vaccines are distributed, managed and administered. We have to do this now. Human error covers a wide range of events. We need to narrow this scope, especially in the health sector, by using technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and the internet of things. ”

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Samsung will also begin

The South Korean ENT expert also expressed his thoughts on tech giant Samsung’s recent blockchain technology move. According to reports, Samsung is planning to tackle a pharmaceutical distribution business powered by blockchain technology. While it is known that the test stages will begin soon, it has been announced that the tests will take 3 to 6 months.

When asked about this development, Kim stated that he welcomed the development. He explained that many companies are turning to similar platforms, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic.


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