Blockchain Based Help to Coronavirus!


Although the coronavirus epidemic started in China, it continues to spread at an incredible rate in many parts of the world, including the USA.

Blockchain-Based Obstacle to the Coronavirus Outbreak
Hacera, a San Francisco-based company, also announced that it has begun to develop a blockchain-based solution as a result of partnerships with many giant names. This solution, called MiPasa, will enable collecting and storing Coronavirus data from around the world.

Among the institutions that Hacera has signed partnership with are technology giant IBM, John Hopkins University, World Health Organization, leading technology companies and government institutions.

MiPasa directly addressed the Hyperledger Fabric-based solution and the explanation on the subject, the accuracy of the data collected on the coronavirus and the importance of their transparency. In the statement made by the MiPasa team, it was pointed out that collecting reliable, quality and accurate data and making them accessible to everyone can change the course of the disease.


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