Blockchain and clean cities: The challenge of technology


Achieving clean cities through the use of Blockchain technology is one of the most important issues to achieve a healthier environment.

Blockchain technology is one of the great inventions of the human species. With it, amazing advances can be made in all areas in which society is located. On this occasion, the advantages that Blockchain technology can bring to keep cities clean were analyzed.

The pollution that occurs in the big cities of the world, has one of its main sources in vehicles. The emission of carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuel has created chaos for the environment and for people who live in and out of large cities.

Eduardo Javier Muñoz, CEO of EVShare, shared some guidelines during the webinar “Healthy and sustainable cities through Blockchain technology”.

Blockchain and the role of the population to keep cities clean

Blockchain technology, as stated, allows great advances in almost all areas of society. The big problem, according to the guest, is that access to it is limited. “Not only the Blockchain, but also 5G or Artificial Intelligence, it is a matter of few people.”

He adds that young generations are the most important sector because, in his opinion, it is the “millennials” and the “centennials” who have the greatest possible mix with the new technology for solving problems. In this case, the use of Blockchain, hand in hand with young people, would allow cities to be kept clean.

It ensures that, although the advantages of Blockchain are evident, there is no possibility of an easy change. “It is about trying to change deep-rooted cultural values, which is very difficult considering that human beings are a species that resists changes.”

The advantages of Blockchain to meet environmental objectives

Currently, pollution in the big cities of the world is a problem that lacks a well-structured solution. Most of the attempts that have been made have had great difficulties in transcending or maintaining themselves.

With Blockchain technology, getting clean cities would be a less complicated issue. This is because it, Muñoz explains, solves problems without the limitations of traditional methods.

“For the first time in human history, we have two generations capable of understanding urgent needs and matching them with technology. This to create a correct ecosystem that creates the conditions to improve commerce and business with stable and durable solutions. ”

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How people must work to achieve a paradigm shift

When asked what is the way to achieve that Blockchain technology reaches the objective of turning cities into clean places, Muñoz answered that it is an initiative that must start from the people themselves.

There is no time in history when leaders are the protagonists of the changes. “All events of great magnitude are produced by the clamor and pressure of the great masses of people who are demanding solutions.”

Blockchain technology is the best tool for cities to be clean and balanced with the needs of the environment. It is a need that urges immediate solutions and changes.

As an example to follow, Muñoz highlights the state of California, in the United States. In that territory they go 22 consecutive years in which an environmental protection law is in force, without fear of corruption

As it is a decentralized technology, the Blockchain allows achieving the goal of clean cities with complete investments. In other words, the investors’ money would go directly to the projects without the intervention of politicians being necessary.

This, explains the guest, eliminates one of the big problems, the corruption and appropriation of funds to which politicians are accustomed. It is a solution to major obstacles in third world countries and in large numbers of developed nations.

“If we add technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to production processes and businesses and, at the same time, they receive financing through Blockchain, the goal of conquering clean cities could be very close to being met.”

Data to consider

  • The emission of carbon dioxide by vehicles in large cities is the point where EVShare focuses.
  • Young generations are the most capable of adapting and promoting Blockchain and new technology in general to obtain the result of cleaner and healthier cities for the environment.
  • By using Blockchain, the chain that takes resources from investors to projects to improve the conditions of cities could be shortened.
  • Currently, there is no sustainable technology capable of giving re


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