Blizzard: Shareholders Say Response in Process is ‘Inadequate’


Blizzard: Anyone who is watching the news must have certainly seen that Blizzard is involved in a harassment process (which even led to the departure of the company’s president from his position), and has come to pronounce itself recently on the matter. However, the SOC Investment Group, a group that represents several shareholders and investors, released a letter (republished on Twitter from journalist Mega Farokhmanes, from the website Axios) in which it emphasizes that the company’s response in this process was inadequate.

“While we appreciate the improved tone and more detail in CEO [Bobby] Kotick’s recent letter to Activision Blizzard employees, consumers and shareholders, the changes Mr. Kotick announced are not nearly enough to resolve the equity issues, inclusion and management. [There was] No announced change or proposal that would alter in any way the current process of filling vacancies, whether in the board of directors or senior management,” says the letter, also highlighting the differences in salaries existing in the company.

The letter also brings some suggestions for changes for the company, such as hiring a woman for the board by the end of 2021 and a greater gender balance by 2025. In this case, it is worth mentioning that currently there are only two women and one person of ethnic minority among the ten members of the leadership.

Finally, the SOC also calls for the removal of bonuses for executives who are involved in abuse cases, as well as indicating that the definition of how the extra earnings will be distributed should also be done when reaching diversity goals. An equity analysis is still required, similar to what happens in other large companies.


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