Blizzard Confirms That Nearly Crashed From DDoS Attack


Developer Blizzard confirmed this Wednesday (24) that it was the target of a targeted denial of service (DDoS) attack that hit the company’s main servers.

The massive traffic redirection happened overnight and resulted in instability in the company’s games that integrate the service, in addition to high latency rate in online matches and connection failures for several users.

Titles such as Activision’s Overwatch, Hearthstone and CoD: Warzone were affected in different instances.

After about an hour of working to resolve the issue and secure the servers, Blizzard’s official customer support account for the Americas confirmed that the attack has ended and platform performance has returned to normal.

DDoS mode scams are coordinated actions that send an abnormal amount of hits at the same time to the same destination, in an attempt to overload or even bring down a server.