Blizzard Announces Blizzard Arcade Collection for PC


The collection includes three 16-bit classics, The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing and Blackthorne, and has already been released after the announcement.

BlizzCon has always been known for offering both new and “old” things, and this year is no exception. For example, the presentation of a class for the future Diablo IV, news that is accompanied by the announcement of the remaster of Diablo II. But it’s not all about the popular RPG saga, and the company has gone back even further to offer a compilation featuring The Lost Vikings, Rock N Roll Racing and Blackthorne that PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch users can purchase today. same.

Three classics with new functions

Despite the title, these games do not have their origins in arcade games, but in the 16-bit console generation, where Blizzard began to take its first steps long before being known by sagas like Overwatch or Warcraft. Released on Super Nintendo before making the leap to platforms such as Mega Drive, MS-DOS and Game Boy Advance, The Lost Vikings was an action game and side-scrolling platforms where we alternated control of the three vinkingos that give it its name. Each had their own abilities, such as using a shield to block enemies or a bow to attack from a distance, so they had to be combined to increase efficiency in combat and even solve some puzzles. The Mega Drive version included new levels and cooperative multiplayer that are now combined with SNES with the superior audiovisual finish of the SNES version.

For its part, Rock N Roll Racing was an isometric racing and combat game. Also originating from SNES, its setting combined post-apocalyptic scenarios with a high-quality rock soundtrack that earned it the title and set itself apart from other speed games. In addition to weapons and traps to leave on the track, there was no shortage of permanent upgrades to buy between races or split-screen multiplayer. This edition adds new environmental effects such as rain and snow, 16: 9 format to have more vision of the circuits and also increases the local multiplayer from two to four players.


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