Bliss: sci-fi movie with Owen Wilson gets trailer


Amazon Prime Video revealed the first trailer for Bliss, a sci-fi movie starring Owen Wilson (Penetra Bons de Bico), in the role of Greg, and Salma Hayek (Frida), as Isabel. The two start a conversation when the character says they know him from another reality, in which they would be a couple, and reveals that the current universe would be a simulation.

Greg begins to see the scene around him as something negative and problematic, especially when he comes into contact with the other world, apparently better. While he travels in these “places”, he must also face discoveries and dilemmas. See the official trailer (without caption):

“I wanted to tell a story about the fragility of the mind and the malleability of our perception. I particularly wanted to make a film that dealt with different ways of seeing the world with compassion and empathy, rather than judgment, ”director Mike Cahill told EW.

“For me, this is an important bridge of connection that humans need and I felt that I had a way to dramatize that idea and make it fun, exciting, exciting, while retaining its emotional potency,” he added.

It is also worth pointing out that Cahill commanded the sci-fi dramas A Outro Terra (2011) and O Universo no Olhar (2014), both full of intriguing elements and twists. Bliss will be streaming from Amazon on February 5th.


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