BLINK celebrates Jennie’s 10th anniversary as a K-pop


BLACKPINK’s Jennie celebrates her 10th anniversary as an idol and receives all the love from BLINK. The K-pop group member managed to fulfill her dreams in the Korean industry after a decade of training, effort, sacrifices, and various releases alongside her fellow group members. Kim Jennie’s story began when she asked her mother to move back to South Korea and put aside a future career as a lawyer.

On her 10th anniversary, BLINK shared various congratulatory messages for Jennie, her fans are proud of how far she has come with BLACKPINK, setting records in K-pop and solo, as the YG Entertainment idol has also reached milestones with singles. I eat alone”.

Jennie is also known for imposing fashion, she has even promoted and attended events of the luxurious Chanel brand, demonstrating her influence as an idol, being one of the most popular in the industry. BLINK shared her favorite videos and photos of the singer to celebrate the start of her K-pop career.


During her training period, Jennie was accepted by YG and lasted 6 years as a trainee, although during her predebut she did some musical collaborations with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, so she became known little by little raising the expectations of BLACKPINK’s debut. , who debuted in 2016 with the song Whistle.

At 24 years old (25 in Korean age), Jennie has pushed her career to the fullest, the result of her efforts during her adolescence, as she managed to exploit her talent as a rapper and singer, in addition to conquering BLINK with her adorable way of being.

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Until now, she has only been with BLACKPINK for 4 years, but she has achieved international recognition, because together with her group she was the first and only idol to perform at the Coachella Festival, one of the most important in the United States.

Their path with BLACKPINK still promises a lot, as they are about to release a new single alongside Selena Gomez on August 28, as well as making their comeback in October. BLINK is proud of her idol career and debut story.


If you want to know more about the BLACKPINK member, you can read a list of curiosities about Jennie that will surprise you even more.


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