Bleach: Everything you need to know about Sternritter


After many years of waiting, fans of Bleach will finally see the anime adaptation of the last arch of the series “The Thousand-Year Bloody War“. This will be the biggest arc in the series, in which there will be an all-out war between Shinigami and Quincy. So it’s safe to say that this is the most ambitious story arc in Bleach.

As in the previous arches, the main enemy of this arch is also a group of strong people, such as the captains of shinigami Gotei 13 for the Soul Society arch and the arrancars from Hueco Mundo for the arrancar arch. For a thousand years of bloody war, the main enemy is a group of Quincy, who called themselves the Sternritters. There are a lot of interesting things in this group that distinguishes them from other groups from previous arches. So, here’s everything you need to know about Sternritter.

What is a Sternritter

The Sternritters are a group of elite Quincy warriors specializing in the subjugation of shinigami. Because the strength of each Sternritter is at least on the same level, and maybe even higher than that of the captains of Gotei 13. Thus, they are the most powerful Quincy in Vandernreich, the birthplace of Quincy.

Each Sternritter can command another low-level quincy, but the rank between each Sternritter is actually the same, with the exception of Yugram Hashwalt, the leader of the Sternritter. At the same time, there is another special group inside the Sternritter, called Schutzstaffel. They are the Royal Guard of Quincy’s own leader, Yahweh.

Each member of the Sternritter is personally chosen by Yahweh. And when he decides to promote an ordinary Quincy to a sternritter, he will force them to drink his blood. It was this ritual that allowed the newly appointed Sternritter to receive a part of Yahweh’s soul and, therefore, endowed him with a unique power.

Sternritter ‘s Powers

Each member of the Sternritter has a unique power bestowed upon them by Yahweh. They all assigned a letter as a sign of their strength, for example, the letter “E” for a Sternritter who has the ability “Explosion”, or the letter “T” for a Sternritter who has the ability “Lightning Strike”. Since each Sternritter is assigned a letter of the alphabet, this means that there are about 26 main members of the Sternritter.

Also, since their power comes from Yahweh himself, it means that the power will return to him when Sternritter dies. Not only that, Yahweh can also forcibly drain his power from each Sternritter whenever he wants. Unfortunately, forcibly taking away their power would mean the death of Sternritter.

In addition to these unique abilities, each Sternritter also has other basic Quincy abilities, such as Reishi Manipulation and Spiritual Weapons, which are usually in the form of bows and arrows. Pureblood Quincy also has an ability called “Bluth”, which allows them to increase their attacking and defensive abilities. Apart from this, there are other specialized tools that they can use to help them during the fight.

Sternritter’s Greatest Weapon

As mentioned in the previous section, Sternritter has various powers and abilities in his arsenal. From Quincy’s innate abilities to the special abilities given to them by Yahweh, there are many options they can use to subdue their opponents. However, Sternritter’s greatest weapon should be the Medallion. The medallion is special because it can steal the bankai of the nearest shinigami. Of course, they can’t point to any particular shinigami and then steal their bankai from afar.

However, as soon as a shinigami appears next to them, activating the bankai, the Sternritter can freely suck the bankai into the medallion. What’s even better is that the sternritter can use the newly stolen bankai. On the other hand, once stolen, a shinigami can no longer use a bankai until it is returned. Not to mention that there are almost no shinigami immune to this, including the leader of Gotei 13, Genryusai Yamamoto.

Sternritter’s role in the thousand-year bloody war

During the Thousand-Year bloody War, Sternritter had only one task – to fight with as many captains as possible and steal their bankai, thereby harming the entire power structure of Gotei 13 and the Society of Souls itself. It would be great if Sternritter managed to kill some of the captains of Gotei 13, but if not, then they should at least steal the captain’s bankai and seriously injure them.


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