Blamed Because BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Song Didn’t Top the Music Chart, Korean Netizens Are Upset


Korean netizens expressed their frustration after there were unscrupulous fans of Lisa BLACKPINK who blamed them because the song ‘LALISA’ did not top the music chart.


As fans know, Lisa has just made her solo debut by releasing the first single album entitled ‘LALISA‘.

The single ‘LALISA’ immediately received a standing ovation from international fans, topped the iTunes chart and broke the views record on YouTube.

However, the single ‘LALISA’ did not get a good reception on the South Korean music chart and currently only ranks 87th on the Melon chart.

Korean netizens on the Pann site then uploaded a screenshot of a tweet of a Lisa fan on Twitter which wrote, “I don’t have high hopes for Korea and we know the reason why they don’t deserve Lisa.”

While uploading a screenshot of Lisa’s fan tweet, the Korean netizen then wrote, “Because Lisa’s ranking on the Melon chart is so low, they say Korea doesn’t deserve Lisa.”

Another Korean netizen then commented:

“I feel sorry for the other members who have suffered because of Lisa’s fans from Southeast Asia since they debuted. Especially Jenny. When he debuted solo, there were a lot of bad comments to him. Until now there are still many bad comments about his solo MV, ”

“Lisa’s fans in Southeast Asia really think that we should thank Lisa for being popularized by K-Pop. YG should also thank Lisa.”

“Seriously, if they say that, then why did he come to Korea and debut as an idol?”

“Why do they blame Koreans when the song isn’t good? If Lisa releases a good song, she can definitely rank first. Not only BLACKPINK’s main song, their B-side song is also liked by the Korean people, ”

“I hope they can debut a group whose members only come from Korea,” and many other similar comments.


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