Blake Lively’s Dream Christmas Gift Could Push Ryan Reynolds $150 Million Into “Bankruptcy”


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may be wearing their Gucci and Versace now, but even without clothes they looked very impressive. The couple got married in 2012 and in ten years completely changed what it means to be a “couple of heads” in Hollywood. Besides the fact that they are in love with each other up to their necks, there is another thing that Green Lantern actors often discover deep inside. Their penchant for dry humor and sarcasm.

However, we are not sure if Blake Lively was joking about her dream Christmas present, which caused her husband Ryan Reynolds to go bankrupt. An actor can only now ask for a sugar mommy or daddy, but that was a long time ago. In December 2013, a year after their wedding, Blake Lively did what anyone wants their partner to do before Christmas; show what they want for Christmas. However, it wasn’t exactly good news for Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively is not a gossip girl, but an expensive girl

With a fortune of $30 million, Blake Lively is among the most successful actresses in Hollywood, so it’s hard to give her anything. Especially if the gift she wants leaves you in danger of bankruptcy. Even when Reynolds and Lively were newlyweds and had not yet taken to cutting each other out of photos, the actress called some things Van Cleef objects of her desire.

Visiting the renovated Van Cleef Maison, Lively said in an interview with E News: “Their estates are just incredible.” And the presenter hastened to joke in a note for her husband Ryan Reynolds to give them to her without any excuses. This led to the actress bursting into laughter, saying it would lead to a “bankruptcy filing.”

Whether The Shallow actress received her diamonds that Christmas was never found out, but Reynolds made it clear that he was not afraid to go broke for his wife when he gave her an earring in the form of Cupid’s arrow made of 18-carat gold and diamonds.

Although Lively expressed her love for diamonds, time has shown that she loves sincere gifts more. For example, the giant painting she gave to Ryan Reynolds symbolizes his first job, childhood home and everything beautiful and beautiful.

It is known that the actor bought the Wrexham football club for $ 3 million, which caused a “not very good” reaction from Blake Lively. Do you think it’s because he didn’t buy her those expensive diamonds years ago? Let us know in the comments below.


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