Blake Lively congratulated Ryan Reynolds as follows


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have gotten used to dedicating a photo to which one is more engaged when the candles blow out

Ryan Reynolds has celebrated his birthday in recent hours and his wife, Blake Lively, how could it be otherwise, has been the wake of publicly putting a congratulation of the most commented.

” 1) Who is the lost soul that selects the birthday cake? 2) What ANIMAL eats its tart (cake) without first blowing out the candles. @vancityreynolds is who. Happy Birthday. Honestly, I can’t believe we’re still married, ” the actress wrote to give title to a trilogy of images in which Ryan can be seen presenting his own birthday cake and minutes later the same cake eaten in half, for himself, without even having blown out the candles. A funny message that has been commented by many friends and acquaintances of the artists, such as the actress herself, Penelope Cruz, who laughed with both of them.

One more example of their union, their sense of humor and that they are one of the most solid and beloved couples. Both form one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. Together they have formed a beautiful home with their three children and they could not be happier as they are already a large family.

Although the couple is news for their professions and on rare occasions for their relationship, the truth is that there is something that does turn out to be the most anticipated of the year and it is nothing other than the respective congratulations that are dedicated.

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For his part, Ryan Reynolds is an actor who, over the years, has shown that he has a peculiar sense of humor, that he is very hooligan, but also that he unconditionally loves his wife and children, for them he would do anything . For this reason, this year he mixed these two facets of his to congratulate his wife on her 32nd birthday with an Instagram post full of funny photos that Blake Lively may not like so much. Hence, as you can see, Ryan had to delete the publication and his wife got her revenge this year.

This publication did not have more text than a “Happy Birthday”, but the words are not necessary after having shared some photographs of that caliber. Even so, it is not the first time that Reynolds does something like that since when Lively turned 30 he published a photograph in which, originally, he appeared next to her, but he had cut it out and only half of his face was showing.

But she is not the only one, Blake, who already sees her husband coming, has wanted to save all the times that she has ended up blushing for her husband and returned them all together in the last publication for her 43 years. A reciprocal trolling that generates a wave of comments and reactions on social networks, which is more ingenious.

Humor and love are fundamental in life and this couple knows it well, that’s why none of these ingredients are missing in their day to day.


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