Blake Lively Cheerfully Started an ESPN+ Account to Use It to Troll Ryan Reynolds


Top-of-the-list couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have a long history of trolling each other, and to be honest, the punches they seem to always inflict on each other only add to the notion that they are “paired targets.” However, it’s one thing to joke on social media that you want the breakup rumors to be true, or to shoot Deadpool’s star for taking a sabbatical, but the “Simple Service” actress has just raised her trolling level. It turns out she signed up for ESPN+ to watch her husband suffer.

Back in 2020, Ryan Reynolds and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Rob McElhenny acquired the Welsh football team Wrexham AFC (documenting their journey in the FX documentary series “Welcome to Wrexham”). It turns out the team had a grand game on Sunday when Wrexham AFC met Sheffield United in the fourth round of the FA Cup, and Reynolds was present. Meanwhile, Blake Lively, who is pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, wanted to keep up with all the developments (and obviously Reynolds’ concerns), so she paid for an ESPN+ subscription, joking on Instagram Stories:

Oh! The actress noted that paying for the channel was “worth it” just to watch Ryan Reynolds’ “crippling anxiety” live, before mentioning how “crazy” the game was. It seems that the victory in the match was given to another team, so the fact that Wrexham AFC was leading at that moment explains the tense expression on Reynolds’ face, which was broadcast to ESPN+ subscribers around the world. (By the way, the game reportedly ended in a draw.)

In fact, it wasn’t easy for Blake Lively to see what her husband was going through at the game in Wrexham, Wales, and, as is the case with all the trolling of the couple on social media, there was certainly love and care behind them. jokes. The Gossip Girl graduate has apparently mastered the balance between expressing her love and her husband’s modesty.

In November, she commented on a video of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell rehearsing a dance number for their holiday movie “Soulful,” asking: “Is it possible to get pregnant during pregnancy?” She also joked about the time she “fucked her hairdresser” as they exchanged hilarious messages on Valentine’s Day, but continued to blame him for the bad hair day that followed.

The ESPN+ post wasn’t even the first time in 2023 that a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants graduate publicly trolled her husband. In early January, she joked that despite being pregnant, she was tattooing Reynolds’ face on her hip. (He responded in kind, saying that his face was also painted on his own thigh.)

Although Ryan Reynolds will not appear in the movie schedule for 2023, in 2024 we will see him and Hugh Jackman in the long-awaited “Deadpool 3“. Meanwhile, Blake Lively has just been selected (with mixed reactions) for a role in the book. – the film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s “Everything Ends with Us”, and will also reunite with Anna Kendrick for the sequel “Simple Service” in addition to the three other projects she is working on. You can also stream the first season of Welcome to Wrexham with a Hulu subscription.


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