Blake Lively and the kids in an adorable cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ Welcome to Wrexham


Ryan Reynolds has not only excellent acting skills and an impeccable sense of humor, but also quite a clever businessman. He has his own production company, and he knows how to invest in a business that brings great results. Back in September 2020, the Canadian actor, along with his good old friend and actor Rob McElhenny, announced their interest in buying Wrexham A.F.C.

For those of you who have lived under a rock or away from a football field, in this case Wrexham AFC is a professional association football club. And by February 2021, Ryan and Rob became the full owners of the team. How the football Association paved its way to fame is documented in a nine-part document titled “Welcome to Wrexham”, which premiered on August 24, 2022. As if the intriguing backstory of the team and the jokes of the actor Deadpool were not enough. , Blake Lively and Ryan’s Three Musketeers debuted.

Ryan Reynolds gets an urgent call in the movie Welcome to Wrexham.

In the middle of the episode “Welcome to Wrexham”, which aired on September 22, the actor of the “Free Guy” got a call from his lovely family. When Reynolds, Blake Lively and their three children James, Inez and Betty are together, we always get moments worthy of swooning. The video call during the filming of the documentary was no exception.

“Hi, Dad, look at yourself on the field!” a child’s squeal was heard, the excitement in their voice was quite obvious. The actress of the TV series “Gossip Girl” and the love of Reynolds’ life also couldn’t help but exclaim about how cool the stadium looked.
The actor replied: “Seeing this place is literally emotional,” talking about how it seems almost surreal to stand on the lawn after basically watching it through the screen. The episode in question documents the first visit of owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny to their team’s residence.

It was really nice to see Reynolds sharing this wonderful moment with his charming family. With the news of Blake Lively and Reynolds’ fourth child, viewers just can’t get enough of this family. An exciting sports documentary, Welcome to Wrexham, directed by Drew Palombi, Jeff Luini and Aaron Lovell, is available to watch on FX.

What do you think about the phone call from the documentary? Have you watched Welcome to Wrexham yet? Comment below your answers.


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