Blair Witch will be on Halloween in virtual reality


Blair Witch will debut in Oculus Quest with an adaptation that includes new mechanics, scares and unpublished encounters with the creatures of the forest.

The Bloober Team offices are fuming. The developer, specialized in horror games, seemed focused on having The Medium and Observer: System Redux ready for the launch of the new generation (PS5 and Xbox Series X / S), but according to its latest statement it seems that it also has an eye on on Halloween 2020. The studio has just confirmed that its latest project, Blair Witch, launched last year and still available on Game Pass, will be compatible with virtual reality on October 29.

Blair Witch, only for Oculust Quest

Of course, the VR option comes with good news and bad news. The bad news, that initially it will only work with one device: Oculus Quest. We say “first” because, as you can see in the trailer on these lines, the ad reads “coming first”, suggesting that it will expand its horizons in the future. Whether it does or not, for now it will be released in the Oculus store under the name Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition, where it will be priced at $ 29.99.

As for the good news, this is not a mere adaptation of the original game (rated 6.8 in MeriStation) to VR technology. It appears to be a new version that promises to include previously unreleased events “to surprise and scare the players” as well as “additional encounters with the mysterious forces of the forest.” To that we have to add the new types of interaction already common in virtual reality. These include new mechanics with both Bullet, our dog, and the rest of the environment. Now we can carry out new actions, such as highlighting the route on the map, manually breaking the wooden figures, opening drawers, pressing keyboards, and so on. A more than attractive option for this Halloween 2020, which begins to be filled with alternatives to spend Halloween.


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