Blade: Wesley Snipes Advised Ali And Confirms He Has Outdone Character


Blade: In an interview with journalist Kevin Polowky in the True Story frame, Wesley Snipes advised Mahershala Ali (Alita: Fighting Angel, Moonlight) on the role of vampire Blade in theaters and revealed that he had not held any grievances about the end of his role in the franchise.

After a 15-year hiatus, when Blade: Trinity was released in 2004 and the cast of Blade’s reboot was revealed in 2019, one of the most successful sagas on the big screen during the early 2000s heralded the end of Snipes’ participation, which marked the movies as the big star of the trilogy.

Now, under Mahershala Ali as a star, the story of the Vampire Slayer takes on a new perspective linked to the MCU, and it seems that the original actor has already outgrown his main role in the production.

“The problem with him being cast was nothing personal between us. This was business. I’m fine with it. I don’t go around like Blade so I’m not attached to the character that way,” commented Snipes. “I don’t feel any emotional loss. Zero. I’m glad he was cast and that he will certainly do a great job.”

“Make sure you’re in shape, man. Make sure you’re in shape. Try not to get hurt,” continued the actor, advising Ali on the challenge of making the film. “The demands of action movies demand that you be an elite athlete and that you are well conditioned to survive and avoid injury. And that you enjoy it while it lasts.”

It is worth remembering that the suggestion came from one of the biggest names in the genre during the 1990s and 2000, being responsible for acting in classics such as O Daredevil, New Jack City: A Gangue Brutal and O Imbatível.

Blade, directed by Bassam Tariq, is set to open in theaters in October 2022.