Blade & Soul: Revolution brings beautiful PC story


In pre-registration since the end of January including for Brazil, the game Blade & Soul: Revolution promises to bring the story already known to fans of the PC MMORPG now for cell phones.

To find out how the game looked – developed by NCSOFT and published by Netmarble -, TudoCelular had early access to the previous version of the game for the Android system. Check out the main details you need to know in this preview:


The title seeks to explore a mixture of Asian folklore with the more dynamic action of martial arts. You will live as an apprentice at the Hongmoon School. However, while training its skills, the institution ends up being attacked by forces of evil with enormous power.

Your task will be to prevent the enemy’s plan to unleash dark forces on the world by avenging the Fallen on what happened to the school. To do this, you will need to travel to various places while fighting opponents and improving your warrior talents.

The dialogues and cutscenes are not dubbed in Portuguese, but the entire game has subtitles in the Brazilian language. In other words, players should not have problems with understanding.


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