Blade: Kate Beckinsale would like to crossover with Angels of the Night


Blade: The protagonist of the Underworld: Angels of Night franchise, Kate Beckinsale, said in an interview with Variety that she would like to participate in a vampire crossover with Blade. The actress said, during the red carpet of her new movie, Jolt: Fatal Fury, that she had made the suggestion, but that the Marvel team had turned down the idea.

“I’ve always wanted them to put together Angels of the Night and Blade. What a pair that would be,” commented Beckinsale. “I would definitely do that, but I think they just wanted to reboot Blade as Blade, so they weren’t up for it.”

During the 2016 New York Comic-Con, the actress had commented that she chatted with some people from Marvel Studios. “We had this idea,” she said in response to a fan’s question. “They said no. They’re doing something else with Blade.”

At the time, Blade’s solo film, which will star Mahershala Ali, had not yet been announced. However, the actress’ response suggests that Kevin Feige should already have initial plans underway for the Vampire Slayer.

Currently, the Anjos da Noite franchise has no plans for a sequel. The first movie was released in 2003 and featured three sequels and a prequel, chronicling the origins of the war between vampires and werewolves.

Blade: the Vampire Slayer was the first movie adaptation of the character from Marvel. The film, starring Wesley Snipes, had two other sequels before the reboot was announced. The new film will be part of the MCU and Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli) is in talks to direct the film.


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