Blade from the MCU can perfectly adapt the alternative ending of the original movie


The alternate ending of Blade 1998 may be reassigned to work in the upcoming reboot of Blade in the MCU. Those who are waiting for the appearance of the vampire hunter Blade from Marvel on the big screen can note in their calendars, as the KVM film “Blade” is due to be released in theaters on November 3, 2023 as part of the KVM Phase 5. Mahershala Ali will raise Blade’s sword. in the reboot, but in the Blade movies with Wesley Snipes, there may be an unused element that can be adapted into a new movie.

In Blade, Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) and his associates perform a ritual to merge him with the vampire blood god La Magra. In Blade’s original ending, available in home media releases of the film, Frost transformed into a tall, bloody creature after joining La Magra. Blade defeats Frost using syringes with EDTA, which brings him back to normal before Blade kills him with his sword.

In the end, Blade’s ending was reshot when Blade and Frost were fighting each other in a sword fight, and Wesley Snipes’ heroic Daywalker was still using EDTA to blow Frost up. However, despite the fact that the original ending of the Blade is not used, it is not necessary to abandon it forever. In fact, the MCU movie “Blade” might even use an alternate ending in a way that would work better for him than for the original Blade, due to the precedent it would set for the character and his ability to win. impressive monsters.

Blade’s Original Ending May Work Better in the MCU

Superhero movies didn’t reach their modern mainstream status in the late 90s, and Blade is still revered to this day for playing an important role in their revival. “Blade” partially achieved this by emphasizing itself as a Hong Kong-style action movie, which made the presentation of the confrontation between Blade and Frost in the finished film, perhaps, a much more appropriate ending. The MCU version of Blade debuts with more than two decades of comic book movie history and the long history of the Marvel Cinematic universe itself behind him, creating a monster in the spirit of La Magra, very adapted to him.

In the history of the MCU, aliens and other kinds of creatures such as the Hulk, Thanos and Dormammu have been commonplace throughout the franchise. Blade fighting a bloody monster similar to La Magra will be the next such creature in this vein, which may well help in establishing his place in the MCU. It doesn’t even have to be La Magra once again, or even a battle with Blade’s final boss, as simply adopting the original concept of Blade’s alternate ending can provide a great blueprint for such a monster enemy to follow, presenting Mahershala Ali’s view of Blade.

Alternative endings are some of the most intriguing special features included in home media releases, and Blade was a real pleasure to see. While the sword fight Blade eventually went to was the most appropriate choice for him, Blade’s alternate ending, in which Frost transforms into La Magra’s full form, could also leave a template for his MCU successor. Blade’s reboot was most likely influenced by Wesley Snipes’ films, and reworking the original’s unused ending may be one of the best ways to do that.


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