Bladder of Chinese Man Drinking Bottles of Beer and Keeping His Urine for Hours Burst


It was learned that after drinking more than 10 bottles of beer, a Chinese holding his urine for about 18 hours exploded from 3 parts of his bladder. It was stated that the man’s sleep was slow due to the effect of alcohol and therefore he did not notice the need for toilet.

In the east of China, in Zhejiang province, when a 40-year-old man named Hu went to Zhuji People’s Hospital, he could not stop with abdominal pain and lie flat. It turned out that the bladder of this man, who stayed in bed for about 18 hours, was torn from 3 parts. Hu hadn’t been to the toilet for 18 hours. Judging by the doctors, some of Hu’s organs could have died if he had not been treated on time. The state of Hu, who was saved as a result of the operation, is currently stable.

So what was the reason for this? The reviews showed that the Chinese man was a victim of alcohol and deep sleep. Chinese Hu had leaked after drinking more than 10 bottles of beer and spent about 18 hours in bed. When he woke up, it turned out that Hu’s bladder, which felt severe pain in the abdomen, exploded from 3 parts of his bladder. The operated Hu was not fully sober even when he woke up and could not lie flat because of pain.

Although rare, bladder eruption is visible to everyone

According to the news in Unilad, Hu’s bladder, which three physicians operated on, burst due to high pressure. According to the result of the tomography taken, one of the tChinese ears occurred in the abdominal cavity and therefore entered the patient’s intestine bladder. Judging by the hospital’s explanation, it would have caused tissue death if it had not been treated on time. After the operation, it was announced that Hu’s condition was stable.

Although it is stated that the incident is rare, the doctors point out that bladder eruption is a possibility for everyone. In the statement made by the hospital, it is noted that the bladder in humans is flexible and can expand with the fluids entering the stomach, but still has a limited capacity. This capacity is said to be between 350 and 500 milliliters.


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