Blackpink’s Song ‘Ice Cream’ – Selena Gomez Argument


Last week, Blackpink released a collaborative music video with Selena Gomez entitled Ice Cream. After its release, recently the song “Ice Cream”, performed by Blackpink and Selena Gomez, has received attention because it was accused of insulting a certain religion.

The song “Ice Cream” was accused of insulting Islam. This is based on one of the lyrics contained in the song.

The lyrics in question are “Play the part like moses” or play the role of Prophet Musa who was part of Lalisa in Verse 1.

Reporting from the show, the lyrics are considered to have an explicit and insulting meaning.

Responding to this, the songwriter “Ice Cream”, Rebecca Rose Johnsom (Bekuh Boom) denied this.

He admitted that he did not mean to insult any religion and only played word games. He also denied that the lyrics symbolized sexual.

“Musa parted the red sea, for anyone who doesn’t know the story. So basically, I would need you to sort it out if you were my man. That’s the standard. If you can’t split the sea, then you can’t party with me, ”said Bekuh BOOM.

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According to him, the lyrics of the song Ice Cream, which was sung by Blackpink and Selena Gomez, are about being a good boyfriend and doing everything for a woman he likes.

Previously, Blackpink had also experienced allegations of religious harassment in the video clip “How You Like That”.

In the video clip of the song, there is a Ganesha statue placed at the bottom. Ganesha is a god in Hinduism and must be placed in a high position.

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