BLACKPINK’s Rosé Covers Bang Ye Dam’s “WAYO”


Rosé de blackpink has made a cover of WAYO Bang Ye Dam. Rosé has delighted fans with a beautiful cover of WAYO , the upcoming solo single from TREASURE singer Bang Ye Dam.

The idol shows off her incredible vocal talent in the song you can listen to below :

Take a look at the fan comments below:

  • The Yg family … Bigbang supported blackpink by introducing Jennie and Rose. In their songs, now the sunbaenims are supporting the dongsaengs … the blinks are furious but love and respect win … Rose will be worth the wait.
  • Can’t you really smell the marketing and the red flags? Beware. That is why Blackpink is in the position they are. And marketing is going to get worse. Time to start waking up and see it
  • our beautiful little pink squirrel. You should know that we love you and other members so much too. We have supported and loved the group since it debuted and still is. We stand behind everything you choose to take and will respect you to the end. because you are our idol we saw plays / tricks that were reflected, and yes we don’t know the backstage. but we understood how strong and patient you are with these things that appeared. We support everything you did. We laugh and cry with you. we are sad when we see the things that happen and we know that you too. you gave us the best and dressed worthy. and we also stood firm in all the bad things and injustices. we all love you. please try to be happy. You are always in our thoughts. we love you our beautiful little pink squirrel.
  • They already did it, yesterday, there is a van prepared again, to protest against this video, they say that YG disrespected Ros by making him cover a junior who has not even debuted yet, who looks sad and distant in the video because she’s angry that YG forced her to do this … well this opened the door to all the “Yedam will be a failure” again

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