BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s unfulfilled dreams before debuting


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has a sad side to her idol career, because despite succeeding in music, she had dreams that didn’t come true.

The YG girls became Million Sellers for the first time and broke the record of being the first girl group in K-pop to do so, consolidating the worldwide popularity they have achieved thanks to their music; However, Jisoo had other aspirations before thinking about music that failed to materialize.

The life of an idol is not easy, Jisoo managed to enter YG in 2011 and kept training for 5 years until she achieved her dream as a singer, which was inspired by her family, as they were big fans of music and praised her Talented from a young age, she decided to audition to be an idol, although before that she had other aspirations.

The sad part of Jisoo’s career began when she was very little and despite finding her own path in life, as a K-pop figure she has had to deal with some criticism from knetizens, but she has managed to strengthen herself and find her role model in herself, because she believes that everyone should be inspired.


From a very young age, Jisoo experienced her first disappointment in life: she believed she had no talent in the arts. The idol shared an anecdote about a school event that she wanted to be a part of, but her drawing did not meet her expectations and she compared herself to other children.

Despite this stumble, she managed to get up and have another aspiration: to be a stylist, but she admitted that trying to fix the hair of one of her friends completely ruined it and realized that it was not something for her. Jisoo continued to grow and thought that her true calling was to be a doctor, one of the most important and complex careers, but Jisoo became frustrated with subjects that seemed unintelligible.

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Finally, she shared her desire to be a professional basketball player, but rejected it when she considered that her height was not ideal to stand out in this discipline, although she managed to find her way in music and as an actress, a facet that she will show again in her first lead in the drama “Snowdrop.”

Despite her unfulfilled dreams, Jisoo has also dealt with criticism, because in the past she was questioned about her weight and BLINK expressed concern about her physical condition, since her effort triggered some bruises on her legs, she exercised late hours of the night and the formation of a lump in her throat, but fortunately, the idol found the strength of self-love and has become her role model, with broken dreams, but with goals achieved thanks to BLACKPINK.

Throughout her career, Jisoo has not only evolved artistically, she knows the before and after of the idol through these photos.


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