BLACKPINK’s Jisoo love watching dramas together


The world of K-Dramas managed to trap BLACKPINK members Lisa and Jisoo who are now fans of these series. The girls of BLACKPINK are at an important stage in their careers, as they will be promoting some songs before the release of their first full album. That is why YG Entertainment girls can spend a lot of time together and some of them became fans of Korean dramas, we will tell you how this happened.

During an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Jisoo pointed out that it has been an enjoyable season as the BLACKPINK members share many activities and simply sharing a meal or being able to talk with Lisa, Jennie and Rosé is a precious moment. for her.

Now that these K-Pop idols are focused on group activities, Jisoo and Lisa tend to eat together almost all the time, but since Lisa loves to watch dramas while enjoying her food, Jisoo has also been hooked on this activity.

The BLACKPINK vocalist said that they are currently watching Goblin but confessed that Lisa is also a huge fan of the K-Drama It’s Okay Not To Be Okay, which recently ended its broadcast and gained massive popularity around the world.

Although Jisoo is now a fan of this fun activity, she acknowledged that beyond the K-drama story, she finds it very entertaining to see Lisa enjoying the dramas, as this girl has funny reactions that anyone would love.

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