BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is defiant in teasers for the Album


BLACKPINK is currently revealing new images for the premiere of ‘The Album’, Jisoo’s individual teasers have attracted attention for their beauty and bearing, check out the photos of the YG Entertainment idol here.

It is getting closer and closer to October 2, the date on which BLACKPINK’s official comeback is scheduled with the release of the album ‘The Album’, one of the most anticipated albums by K-pop fans. ‘How You Like That’ and ‘Ice Cream’ in collaboration with Selena Gomez were all successes and are singles that belong to this musical project.

There’s been a lot of talk about the collaborations that Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa and Jennie will have on ‘The Album’ and the BLIKS are more than excited to hear from the ‘Kill This Love’ performers with new tracks.

Little by little, the previews for ‘The Album’ have been revealed and the first two individual teasers of Jisoo were published on the official social networks of the K-pop girl group, the singer and rapper is shown with a challenging and mysterious style.

Kim Jisoo in the first teaser appears with a brown eye makeup and to give her eyes more power it was combined with darker tones, on her lips she wears a very powerful cherry red, her look is made of denim and her accessories they are some gold rings, while her earrings are silver.

In Jisoo’s second poster for ‘The Album’, the idol appears with a fiercer face with unruly black hair, her look is dark, the details of the garment are pearls and her make up is more natural, with an outline delicate in the eyes so that the look of the girl from Sanbondong in Gunpo, South Korea reflects security.

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Jisoo also posted her individual posters on her personal Instagram account, the star’s first post with more than 2 million likes, while the YG Entertainment artist’s second post has over 1 million hearts.

All BLACKPINK fans are excited about the release of ‘The Album’ this coming October 2 at midnight, as it is the first full-length album by Korean pop stars.

Recently, it was announced that the members of BLACKPINK will debut in the PUBG Mobile video game, each of them has an ID and their songs will play in your all your fun games.


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