BLACKPINK’s Jisoo celebrates 9 years as a K-pop idol


This detail of Suga was only noticed by the most attentive fans. The members of BTS possess extremely attractive features, but some of them are notorious only after observing them very carefully. That is the case of Suga, which hides a little secret among its many qualities.

do you like him, his smile, his personality, his creativity, or was it his gaze? People from Korea and many other parts of Asia are characterized by having slightly slanted eyes, but despite this, there are people who have double eyelids.

A special case occurs when people do not have their features well defined or they change from their gestures. Suga is one of them, this handsome idol has double eyelid in one of his eyes, however, in the other he seems not to have this characteristic.

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this picture is everything

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This quality may seem surprising since in addition, depending on the gesture on Suga’s face, a very faint line may appear in the eye that seemed to have no double eyelid, as shown below. QUE?

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