BLACKPINK’s Jennie will travel on a satellite around Earth


Jennie’s fans made it possible for this idol to reach outer space. Fans of idol groups are always looking for a way to show their love for their favorite artists and give them the recognition they deserve, so no goal is too far when it comes to letting them know of your love.

YG Entertainment’s idol group will soon be 4 years old since their debut with BOOMBAYAH, so a fansite account dedicated to Jennie decided to organize an incredible surprise for this girl.

During August 8, the day that BLACKPINK’s debut is commemorated, some images will be projected on the Ladybug-1 satellite. This satellite is responsible for surrounding the Earth, so the image of Jennie will also.

But why choose this project? The fansite accompanied the announcement of this event with a message that explains it perfectly and also indicates the affection that he has for Jennie.

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