BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé Attend Paris Hilton’s Wedding, This is Korean Netizen’s Reaction


BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Rosé recently stole the attention of netizens after appearing at Paris Hilton’s wedding party. Although the two did not upload photos of their presence at the party, there were circulating photos showing the two of them attending Paris Hilton’s wedding on various social media.

Suddenly these photos of Jennie and Rosé immediately attracted attention among South Korean netizens, some of whom were amazed at the connection between the two of them with famous celebrities in Hollywood.

Various South Korean netizens gave their comments on the Pann site:

“So cool, crazy they don’t even post anything on Instagram at all,”

“Seriously, their connection is really amazing,”

“On the same day, Lisa boarded a private jet? BLACKPINK are truly in a world of their own.”

“They can speak English well, so they hangout with celebrities like that,”

“BLACKPINK members are like a bunch of rich girls, so idols are just their hobby,” and various other complimenting comments.