BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream surpasses 100 million views


The collaboration between BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez was a success, Ice Cream already has 100 million views on YouTube and we will tell you the details.

The premiere of Ice Cream aroused the excitement and curiosity of BLACKPINK fans and Selena Gomez followers, as the union of these artists would bring about a unique collaboration. As expected, this new single has already shown incredible results and the numbers show it.

The Ice Cream MV presents an atmosphere where the color pink predominates in each stage, although the K-Pop idols do not appear on the scene with Selena Gomez, the group and the singer originally from Texas prepared incredible scenes that kept us pending the screen.

The support of the BLINKs and the Selenators was manifested in the music video, which has already surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.

This achievement only took a little over a day and 16 hours, making it one of the fastest BLACKPINK videos to hit this mark.

BLACKPINK’s video to hit this number the fastest remains How You Like That, the single released by K-Pop idols a few months ago.

Ice Cream is the second of three releases that the YG Entertainment girl group has prepared ahead of the release of their next album, which will also be BLACKPINK’s first full album.

If you are in love with the aesthetics of the Ice Cream video, we recommend taking a look at some outfits inspired by the style that BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez wore in this MV.

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