“BlackPink” with PUBG Mobile’s new collaboration!


PUBG Mobile has taken an important step for cheaters. The popular mobile game receives great criticism, especially by gamers, at the point of cheaters. PUBG Mobile, which lost many of its users for this reason, now draws attention with a new collaboration. In the game, which has been collaborated with many times before, a handshake is shaken with BlackPink, the popular South Korean band in the music genre known as K-pop. In this context, PUBG Mobile BlackPink accessories are coming!

PUBG Mobile BlackPink accessories are coming!

Aiming to add color to the game with different collaborations, Tencent has now signed with the popular K-pop group BlackPink for its game that has reached millions of players. In this context, there will be some items in pink tones symbolizing the group in the game. PUBG Mobile, announcing this as in the Twitter post below, made the announcement by saying “great prizes are waiting for you”.

In another post, PUBG Mobile increases the excitement by saying “BlackPink is in your area”.

A documentary of BlackPink will also be released on Netflix. The group, which now appears in the popular mobile game before the premiere, which will take place on October 14, seems to be conducting its advertising campaign well. We don’t have much except Twitter posts, but still, details will emerge in the coming days.

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