BLACKPINK wins triple crown with How You Like That at Inkigayo


The BLACKPINK girls get another victory with the song ‘How You Like That’. BLACKPINK won an award for the third time with ‘ How You Like That’ on the Inkigayo music show .

Rosé, Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie performed with great success in another episode of SBS Inkigayo , their performance with ‘ How You Like That’ left viewers very happy to see the energy and presence of YG Entertainment idols in the stage.

The BLACKPINK girls wore different looks to those worn in the official ‘How You Like That ‘ MV , Lisa wore a black short with silver fringes, a black chain top and a long-sleeved crop top in red, Jisoo wore a set of Animal Print.

Jennie dressed in a colored corset, black pants, and black boots, while Rosé opted for a short skirt, gloves, and a tank top. The BLACKPINK girls have used different combinations for their presentations.

At the end of the Inkigayo broadcast , the drivers announced the winner, BLACKPINK scored their third win with ‘How You Like That’ on the show, the rappers and singers were very excited for the recognition and celebrated their win .

At Encore , the 4 YG Entertainment idols had fun dancing and jumping across the stage while interacting with each other, showing the cameras their third ‘How You Like That’ trophy on Inkigayo.

Other groups and K-pop stars who made their interesting performances on the Inkigayo television show were: TOO, GFRIEND, SF9, VERIVERY, Irene & Seulgi from Red Velvet, Giant Pink and Jung Se Woon.

The MV officer ‘How You Like That’ from BLACKPINK currently has more than 3 00,000,000 views in YouTube platform, the clip has more than 13 million likes and 2 million comments.

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