BLACKPINK will premiere How You Like That on the show of..


BLACKPINK’s first performance performing How You Like That will be on The Tonight Show.

BLACKPINK’s next comeback is near and the girls will be alongside Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show for the premiere of their song.

Previously, YG Entertainment reported that the BLACKPINK girls would release a new song in June, a tune that will be a release prior to their next record material.

The song was announced to premiere on June 26 in Korea, but BLACKPINK’s first performance of that tune will be on the American show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

This was announced by Fallon during their show, announcing that during the night of June 26 in the United States, the girls from YG Entertainment will be part of their program and will present the first stage of How You Like That, their next musical release.

The program can be seen through the NBC signal in the United States and on Sky One in Mexico and Latin America.

After the premiere of How You Like That, BLACKPINK will present other songs to its fans during July and August, to later reveal the full album that will go on sale in September.

This girl group has already performed before at other American shows before, but it will be their first participation in Jimmy’s show, so BLINKs from all over the world have shared their excitement at the return of the girls.

BLACKPINK recently collaborated with Lady Gaga on the song Sour Candy, and now that the Lyric video for this tune has been revealed, different theories have emerged about the role the girl group plays in Chromatica’s history.


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