BLACKPINK: What is Jisoo’s True Personality?


Jisoo is an excellent BLACKPINK idol, do you want to know all about her personality? All of the BLACKPINK idols are amazing, both their talents and personalities are great, what is Jisoo’s real personality like?

We have been able to know a lot about the personalities of the BLACKPINK idols , it is not only noticeable how much they dedicate themselves and work to give the best of themselves on stage ; It is also remarkable how much they love their fans , friends, and family at all times.

Thanks to variety shows , behind the scenes and other content , we can see little by little more of the characteristics that are part of the essence of the BP members and with Jisoo she is no exception; BLINK , in addition to enjoying all the talents and beauty of this idol , can also find part of her personality in the idol’s work.

Do you want to know what Jisoo’s personality is like ? There are many characteristics that we can find of the idol, which will let us see a lot of her thoughts and her way of acting in different situations.


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is said to have a 4D personality , what does this mean? The 4D personality is given to those people who tend to act in a strange or extravagant way , that you never know for sure how they are going to respond to something; but maybe this part of her is what she usually shows us in a funny way .

Jisoo shows a lot that she is a very genuine person with her fans, when interacting with them, even through social networks , because she always tries to be in contact with them either through CH + or Weverse ; in person she is always smiling , with a good humor, she is always friendly and respectful with her staff or people who will interview her. Always showing her cheerful and cute personality .


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Jisoo is known to love to laugh and always tries to cheer up her fellow BLACKPINK members, she even makes jokes like the ones parents would make, LOL; At school, she used to be popular for being super pretty and very kind , she has shown that her family is her great pillar and inspiration as well.


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Being the oldest in BLACKPINK, the other idols look to her when they have a problem or need advice , she is always willing to help them and try to advise them with her experience; so Jisoo’s personality is made up of many hints of fun , serious , mature, and understanding . Jisoo is a very cute person.


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BLINK admires everything about Jisoo and without a doubt she has a great personality, everyone would like to have a bestie like an idol, in addition to being talented and beautiful , she also has a unique and special essence that ends up turning her into a great woman.


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