BLACKPINK: What Are Your Official YouTube Channels?


BLACKPINK girls started out having only one YouTube channel, but as time went by this changed and here we tell you which ones you should subscribe to.

The world of K-Pop always brings surprises even when we least expect it, perhaps the premiere of a teaser, the announcement of a comeback, or the reveal of a special clip that was released without warning. To stay aware of what BLACKPINK does, it is key to know their social networks.

One of the most important platforms for YG Entertainment idols is YouTube, as here are their music videos and other clips that Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé have worked on.

These idols love to create content for their fans, so now in addition to their MVs you can find from covers, vlogs, and more, all of them with details that no BLINK will want to miss.

Keep reading and find out which are the group and individual channels of BLACKPINK on YouTube, you will see that each one offers different things, and do not forget to activate the bell so you do not miss any special moment in their careers.



When the YG Entertainment idols debuted, their company created a channel solely to upload their official videos and teasers.

This profile simply goes by the name BLACKPINK and already has more than 64 million subscribers.


The Thai rapper created her own channel where she mostly shares dance videos with amazing choreography and some vlogs with her adventures.

You can find her as Lilifilm Official, she currently has more than 8 million subscribers.


When her solo was released, Rosé also opened her own YouTube channel, where we got to see some interviews and emotional messages from the idol.

To subscribe to her channel that already has a community of almost 3 million, you just have to search for her as a ROSÉ Official.


Finally, we have Jennie’s channel, the idol inaugurated it with a sweet cover and a video that brings us closer to her life on an everyday day, but she also has vlogs of the activities on her agenda.

You can easily find her as Jennierubyjane Official, this girl’s channel exceeds 6 million subscribers.

Lisa’s solo will be released very soon and we will tell you what was the record that the idol broke before the premiere.