BLACKPINK to debut in PUBG Mobile video game


PUBG Mobile revealed 4 new images about their collaboration with BLACKPINK idols, the video game company shared the individual posters of the K-pop idols.

A few days ago the world of K-pop and video games joined to celebrate the news of a new project between BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile, the idols and the game announced a special collaboration with mysterious group images where the silhouettes of the girls appear. idols.

Tencent Holdings, the company that owns the video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or known by its acronym PUBG Mobile, shared another exciting preview of their collaboration with Lisa, Rosé, Jisoo and Jennie.

In the official social networks of the video game, the individual posters of the BLACKPINK singers and rappers were revealed; In the photographs, the interpreters of ‘Kill This Love’ appear with an elegant, powerful and confident bearing, showing their bolder side.

The first to appear is Jisoo, the whole background is pink, a motorcycle and a parachute are shown, Lisa is wearing a colorful dress next to her a house and a car appear, Rosé wears bright accessories on her hair and an incredible look , while Jennie appears with the frosty blonde locks of the ‘How You Like That’ era and pink makeup under the eye.


BLACKPINK girl IDs on PUBG Mobile are:

  • Jisoo 51009780171.
  • Lisa 51009791380.
  • Rosé 51009801702.
  • Jennie 51009797582.

BLACKPINK’s post for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Instagram already has more than 400 thousand likes and the comment box all fans of those represented by the company YG Entertainment are very excited about the collaboration between the K-pop stars and the famous video game.

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Players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be able to listen to one of the most recent songs of the celebrity girls, within the game it will be playing ‘How You Like That’, to give their adventures an extra thrill.


PUBG Mobile is a battle game where you face different players on an island or other combat arenas, you must be finished with your enemies and at the same time you have to collect weapons not to lose. Do you like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game?

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