BLACKPINK: The most powerful female artists globally


As part of the International Women’s Day commemoration, BLACKPINK was recognized as one of the highest impact groups in the industry.

BLACKPINK’s girls rank as the most powerful artists in the industry thanks to their global impact. Find out about the new appointment the idols received.

The K-pop group from the YG agency increased their popularity after the premiere of “THE ALBUM”, with their song “How You Like That” they broke several Guinness records, they also became a Million Seller. Now, each of the members has focused on their solo projects in Korean music, fashion, YouTube, and entertainment.

Through Variety magazine and as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8, BLACKPINK was listed in the Report on the Impact of Women in Industry.

The Korean group has managed to establish a large fan base around the world, they have collaborated with artists such as Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez on Ice Cream, a song produced by Ariana Grande. They also performed at the 2019 edition of the Coachella festival, one of the most important in the United States.


Variety magazine produced a Report to talk about the impact of International Women in the field of music globally. The girls were recently recognized as UNICEF International Relations Ambassadors in their fight against climate change.

The study carried out by the portal explains that BLACKPINK is one of the phenomena that has managed to cope with the pandemic. With the release of THE ALBUM they reached #1 on iTunes in 57 countries. Recently, Rosé broke a new K-pop record by registering over 70,000 pre-orders with her debut solo and reaching 40 million views on the “GONE” teaser.

The Report on International Women placed the group as one of the references of girl power in entertainment this 2021, in addition, Forbes also recognized them as a reference for female K-pop.

In addition to their success in the Korean industry, BLACKPINK has established themselves as icons of fashion and beauty, but also an inspiration for women. Rosé will celebrate Women’s Day with this special playlist.


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