BLACKPINK talks to Cardi B about collaboration


BLACKPINK released “The Album” and surprised their fans with “Bet You Wanna”, their collaboration with Cardi B.

The YG group made their comeback with new music and lyrics that will make BLINK cry and dance, although they revealed their new album only digitally, the K-pop group has already broken their first records, as they have sold 1 million copies of ” The Album, ”which will be released on October 10, also shared details of their work alongside Cardi B.

Through the VLive platform, BLACKPINK made a special broadcast to celebrate the launch of their new MV “Lovesick Girls”, the girls accompanied BLINK in the countdown to their comeback, also, they talked about the process of “The Album”, as they released a new collaboration in their career.

Idols are no strangers to musical feats with female artists, the most recent was with Selena Gomez on “Ice Cream”, but they have also worked with Dua Lipa for “Kiss and make up”, now they decided to join forces with rapper Cardi B, “Bet you wanna” is a song that demonstrates the appeal of BLACKPINK and their talent for rapping.


During the live broadcast, the K-pop group talked about their collaboration. The girls seem to be very close to Cardi, as they called her sister in Korean and assured their fans that once they hear her they will be surprised by the fusion of their voices with the rapper. Rosé described “Bet you wanna” as a refreshing song.

Jennie explained that they had a lot of fun with this single and wants BLINK to dance and sing when he hears it, she was excited to reveal this track to fans. Cardi B also joked about her work with the K-pop group, because she made a small spoiler on her social networks before the album was released on music platforms.

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BLACKPINK’s popularity is on the rise, and the music industry is no longer alien to Korean pop, so more artists are starting to make alliances with idols. The rapper also caused a comical controversy on her Twitter, as she published a series of strange messages to promote “The Album.” LOL

The K-pop group showed their more vulnerable side and sang about the toxic side of love in their MV “Lovesick Girls”.


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