BLACKPINK stars on ELLE magazine’s October cover


BLACKPINK is on the cover of ELLE United States magazine in its October issue, the K-pop idols held a lengthy interview with the publication and showed their talents as models.

Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo are promoting the next release of their full-length album ‘The Album’, the girls so far have released two singles: ‘How You Like That’ and ‘Ice Cream’ an incredible collaboration with the singer Selena Gomez.

BLACKPINK’s new music represents the energy and concept of their comeback, since the girl group debuted, they did so with a powerful, fashionable style that showcased idol skills.

The members of BLACKPINK appear on the cover of ELLE United States magazine for the month of October, the publication called the idols as “the largest girl group in the whole world.” In addition to doing a special photoshoot for the 4 members, the artists revealed some secrets of their career and life.

ELLE shared a preview of the talk she had with the interpreters of ‘Kill This Love’, during the interview, the rappers and singers spoke about their process as trainees of the company YG Entertainment and their dynamics as a group, Jennie said:

We all lived together from the beginning. After our training was over we would go home together and order food, we talked about how scary the teachers were and the work was too much

Kim Jennie explained that it was easy to adapt to living together, to receive classes in the same way, it was easy because their personalities and characters are very different, but they complement each other.

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Hee June Kim was the photographer in charge of portraying the K-pop idols and the dynamics of the photo shoots between the artists and the professional is well known, it is not the first time that the idols and Hee June Kim have worked for a publication.

Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo wore different outfits, from well-known and luxury brands, reaffirming their place as fashion icons. Each of the members of the girl band have their own special cover. What do you think of BLACKPINK’s participation for ELLE?

The girls of BLACKPINK announced their release of their documentary, we invite you to know all the details: BLACKPINK reveals the premiere date of Light Up The Sky.


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