BLACKPINK sings about pain in Lovesick Girls


BLACKPINK is back with their new song “Lovesick Girl,” whose lyrics portray the pain of toxic love. The YG group released their first full album and surprised BLINK with a song full of girl power, the girls’ style was once again reflected in their music.

“The Album” has already sold thousands of copies before its release and the MV for “Lovesick Girls” will be the new anthem against love and pain.


Through their official social networks, BLACKPINK revealed their new MV “Lovesick Girls”, a song that shows the dark side of love. The video broke a new record for a K-pop girl group, as it already records more than 37 million views almost 12 hours after it was released.

“The Album” also achieved a new high in the idol career, as it was reported that BLACKPINK has already sold 1 million copies, the release is scheduled for October 10, but has already been released on digital platforms. The girls sing about the love and pain experienced in toxic relationships.


The MV for “Lovesick Girls” shows Liso, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa living romantic situations that turn dark when suffering for love, there are arguments, nights of crying, anxiety and dependence on that person. This song shows a more youthful and realistic side about relationships.

BLACKPINK sings in the lyrics that despite the pain, they continue to search for love, but believe they were born to be alone and feel love sick. BLINK shared various messages of support and congratulations on social media for the idols, who are ready to break new records with “The Album”.

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They also surprised with their collaboration with Cardi B, who promoted the girls on her Twitter account. The album features 8 songs, including her previous releases “Ice Cream” and “How you like that.” Love remains the main inspiration for BLACKPINK.

The girls also recently revealed the trailer for their Netflix documentary “Light up the Sky.”


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