BLACKPINK shows a sneak peek at THE SHOW alongside James Corden


The idol group performed on The Late Late Show and thrilled the BLINKS for everything they will be able to see at their concert

YG Entertainment’s girls are ready to shine on the stage of THE SHOW, BLACKPINK will be holding their concert online and showcasing a stage on television that raised expectations.

For several weeks now, BLACKPINK fans received the announcement of an event that plans to bring the girls closer to the international public. Because it is currently impossible to hold mass events, the girls and their company chose to plan a concert that will be broadcast over the internet, but as the date continues to draw closer, the group showed only a little of what will happen on the broadcast.


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The girls reappeared on American television and spoke with James Corden on The Late Late Show , these idols were excited to finally perform a new concert in front of their fans, but also used their talent to surprise the public.


Their participation in the program allowed them to present one of the most anticipated melodies for THE SHOW, the girls and a group of dancers were on stage for the interpretation of Pretty Savage , where they showed their strength and charisma.

This stage excited those who are ready to see the concert , but it also motivated others to acquire their access to the event.

Although Pretty Savage’s performance was spectacular, YG Entertainment clarified that this is not the performance that will take place during THE SHOW, as BLACKPINK prepared more surprises for the concert.


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