BLACKPINK shares their excitement for Ice Cream


BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez are set for “Ice Cream” and release a friendly teaser! The YG group and the “Rare” star are set to conquer the end of the summer with their K-pop collaboration. Although they have not revealed more details about it, there are only 3 days left for its official premiere, since the song is scheduled for August 28, but it will premiere at 11 p.m. on Thursday 27.

Through YG and BLACKPINK’s social media, the K-pop group revealed a new teaser between the girls and Selena Gomez, raising the hype for “Icre Cream”. In the video you can see just a few seconds of what could be the melody of the song in the background, while a video call between the two artists is presented.

Selena sported a homey look, since she broadcast from her home, but she seemed happy, excited and a little nervous. For their part, BLACKPINK were from their studio, perhaps practicing or recording the song, since the recording is from a couple of months ago. They both demonstrated their mutual support for “Icre Cream” and being able to work with each other.


BLACKPINK assured that they were huge fans of Selena, so the collaboration will be special. The praise was answered by the singer of “Rare” in the same way, as she said that it was a great dream for her to be able to sing “Ice Cream” by her side, as she is also one more BLINK, her words moved the K-pop idols .

In the background, during their little conversation, you could hear a melody with some beats, BLINK believes that it is part of the song and they are the first spoilers of the comeback, in addition, they thought that this type of sound is what characterizes Ariana Grande, who was part of the production of “Ice Cream.”

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The almost 30 second video was not the only teaser, YG also shared the first individual teaser for “Ice Cream”, starring Jisoo, who appears with a backpack and a youthful colorful style while posing next to a giant inflatable in the form of ice cream. . Selena Gomez has also shared photos on her Twitter account, with a classic look and eating a cone.

More individual posters and the official teaser for the “Ice Cream” MV are expected to be revealed in the coming days.


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