BLACKPINK shares her thoughts at the event with BLINK


BLACKPINK has revealed their feelings to BLINK at an online event.

YG Entertainment hosted an online signing event for How You Like That. In this digital meeting with BLINK Jisoo said:

We can’t meet the fans in person, so we do this video fan signing event. We ran into BLINK after a while and we talked a lot too. Don’t you like it a lot?

Jennie commented:

I really missed BLINK. I’m happy to meet the fans again even through the camera. I hope I can find BLINK as soon as possible

Lisa said:

If there’s a chance to meet us, see you soon guys

Take a look at the video below:

Take a look at the fan comments:

Everyone in the comments “blackpink only has Korean fans” Please stop spreading rumors, bots, everyone knows that they have more international fans that made them the biggest gg … I’m a Korean blink by the way

Blackpink makes everyone’s days so much better.

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