BLACKPINK send gift to James Charles


The girls from BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez sent James Charles a very special package, what gifts will the makeup artist have received?

Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie and Rosé are about to release their most recent collaboration with Selena Gomez, ‘Ice Cream’ is part of ‘The Album’, the next album by the YG Entertainment group. YAY!

The teaser images for the release of the single were a success, the first video preview was also revealed where the singers were very funny looks. We are sure that your song is going to be a big hit.

To further excite the public and all the entertainment figures, the singers and rappers decided to send presents with a very sweet theme to their closest people, including famous influencers.

James Charles was one of the lucky ones to receive the details of the girls, the youtuber was very excited on his social networks, because a package from BLACKPINK and Gomez arrived at the door of his house, the fashion guru took his cell phone and documented everything the gift brought.

In his Instagram stories, Charles posted some videos opening the PR box that Sel and the 4 K-pop idols set up to reach out to many people. Inside the package was a card with a special message that said:

Here’s something sweet from us to celebrate the new single ‘Ice Cream’

Inside were some Serendipity’s ice cream jars and they were adorned with images of celebrities, the desserts were of different flavors such as chocolate with brownie and pudding, as well as other items such as posters, other delicious sweets and snacks.

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The California city resident boy has proven to be a great fan of Selena Gomez and BLACKPINK, as he has interacted with them in their Instagram photos and is aware of their activities, so it was a dream to receive a gift from them.


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