BLACKPINK: Rosé recovers from COVID and ends her quarantine


BLACKPINK’s Rosé ended her quarantine, after being diagnosed with COVID-19 in previous days.

Although COVID-19 has been in force since 2020, idols are no exception and unfortunately they have been infected, but today we have good news for BLINK, as our beloved Park Chae Young ended her mandatory lockdown.

After a series of news for BLINK, as Jisoo was seen in Paris, it was announced about BLACKPINK’s comeback, we were informed that Rosé had fallen ill with COVID-19, now we only have good news.


In recent days YG Entertainment reported that the K-Pop singer tested positive after performing a test, the interpreter of ‘On the Ground’ underwent a PCR test and confirmed that Rosé had been infected with COVID-19.

After hard news, the BLACKPINK singer had to carry out a mandatory quarantine and thus start a speedy recovery with medication.

We just hoped that Rosie would recover soon.

YG Entertainment also reported on the health of the rest of the K-Pop female group, Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie underwent PCR tests, after testing negative, these talented girls continued with their schedules.


The YG Entertainment company reported that on March 6, 2020, Rosé had finished her quarantine, following the instructions of the health authorities, it is considered that the idol could no longer spread this virus, so Rosé can return to their respective schedules that had been postponed.

Rosé received treatment at home and a full dose of vaccines, the singer had no symptoms and her health was always prioritized.

We are certainly very happy that Rosé has recovered from her illness and we can’t wait to continue learning about this talented idol. That she certainly kept us very worried.