BLACKPINK: Rosé Gives Her Sister The Best Gift Ever


BLACKPINK’s Rosé is the best sister and celebrates Alice in a very special way. BLACKPINK idols not only show us their talents but also their great heart and personality, Rosé has a sister whom she loves with all her heart and on her birthday she does not stop showing her affection and celebrates her especially.

The idols of Blackpink have not only charmed every fan with their talents, members of this group also have great charisma, personality, and heart that eventually completely captivated by BLINK; on stage and off stage, they have a way of being that conquers anyone.

For Rosé, her family is very important, her love for music was always supported by them and in fact, it was her father who encouraged her and led her to audition for YG Entertainment to see how passionate she was to play instruments and sing; besides noticing the great talent in his daughter.

And the BP idol also has an older sister named Alice, with whom she has shared great moments since she was little and someone she can trust and ask for help; On her birthday, Rosé can’t help but show her how much she adores her.


Rosé sent her sister a very precious gift, Tiffany & Co. jewelry, and although this gift is beautiful and Alice loved it, the most beautiful detail was the letter the idol wrote to her sister, where it reminds her how much she loved it. wants and always has it in mind.

The idol’s sister shared Rosie’s gift on her Instagram stories.

“Emotional security leveled up – Someone important in my life waits and prays for my happiness every day … and reminds me of it in bold, handwritten capital letters! (…) Thank you Rosie! The HardWear really is handsome

Aaaw! Rosé is the best sister who has great details and gifts to make her older sister’s birthday a super special day while still reminding her how much she loves her and always thinks of her <3.


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